The Redheads of Mmm...Doctor!

Title: Perfect Stranger
Author: Elizabeth

I walk into the house, Alex's house. I have been here for five days now. Jill wouldn't let me go home. Elizabeth is sitting on the couch and I must look horrible because she gets up and gives me a hug the minute I get my coat off. “What is it?” She asks.

I sigh, “Alex figured out we're calling Andy.” Even as I say it I hear Carol on the phone. “Andy I did call for a reason…your sister is sick. No not Jill your other sister…you know your twin. Leukemia. Yes she needs bone marrow. Andy you don't have to talk to her but this is important…she could die.”

I excuse myself and make my way upstairs. I don't want to hear any of it. I feel like taking the phone, reaching through and strangling the brother. I have a shower, get into a pair of pj's and lay down on the bed. I hear footsteps come up the stairs, ending at the foot of the bed by my guess. Next I hear a British voice, “Okay. He's coming. He might not want to talk to Alex but he's going to come and get tested at least.”

I nod. When I don't say anything else Elizabeth comes around so she's looking at me. “So what else is wrong? Did something happen today?”

“Alex is mad at me.”


“Because they called Andy. Oh Elizabeth…she's all I ever wanted and now she's sick and mad at me.” The feeling of never being happy has come back full swing and I don't know what to do anymore.

Elizabeth smiles. “I know what you need.


“To get out of here for awhile.”

“Oh no Elizabeth, I can't leave right now. I don't want to.”

“Too bad. You're getting dressed; you're putting on some makeup and coming across the street where I'm going to cook for you.”

There was nothing for it. I got up and went back to the bathroom where I pulled on some clothes. Then I fixed my hair, put on some makeup and made my way over to Elizabeth's. Carol was still on the phone, now with the airlines trying to get a flight for Andy. I crossed the street and rang the bell. I hear a scuffle followed by the big door swinging open. It's Ella standing there looking up at me. I smile and open the door all the way. “Susan!”

I pick Ella up, “Hey cutie! You're getting so big.”

“Alex better yet?”

“No not yet. She will be though.”

“Look I made her.” I look at what Ella is showing me. It's a picture that consists of swipes of different color that doesn't really make much sense. However, it's perfect and I know Alex will love it. “I'll give it to her for you.”

“Come on in Susan! Supper's almost ready.”

I spend the rest of the evening enjoying the supper Elizabeth has cooked for me and talking about other things that have been going on at the hospital. When we are finished I make my way back to the house. I can't go in though. I don't want to. Checking that Elizabeth isn't watching through the window, I get in the car and drive to the hospital. When I get there I park and pull out my id tag. I go in through the main door because I know if I go through the er I will either get stuck there or have questions asked of me. I make my way up to Oncology. The nurses see me and know I know visiting hours were over two hours ago, but they don't say anything. I go into Alex's room. She is sleeping. I sit down not wanting to wake her, and just watch her as she sleeps. I can see dried tears on her cheeks, making me feel horrible. I should have stayed even if she was mad.

I am thinking how peaceful she looks when she opens her eyes. She must have felt me looking at her. When she sees me she smiles. “I was hoping you'd come back.”

“I'm sorry.”

“It's okay. You're right. If Andy can help me get better then he should.”

“Your mom was talking to him. He's getting the next flight in.”

Alex smiles, “I always did have him wrapped around my finger. You look nice.”

“Elizabeth made me get dressed up and cooked for me.”

“Are you leaving anymore tonight?”

“No. I'm going to get some scrubs on, steal a gurney from er and sleep here.”

“I'm glad.” Alex winces.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah…just the Chemo. Apparently this means it's working.”

“I'll go get you something.”

“No stay. It won't help anyway. You can get your stuff in a minute, but just stay here with me for now.”

So I sit back down and stroke her face until she falls asleep again. Only then do I leave for my sleeping supplies.

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