The Redheads of Mmm...Doctor!

Title: "Her Other Side"
Author: Cj
Sequel: "Her Power"
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none
Category: Storm/Jean
Disclaimer: Although I wish I did, I don't own the characters, just the ideas.
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Summary: just a drabble of thoughts from Storm's pov; more to follow
Comments: Thanks to TC.

She can be a vixen when properly enticed. We'll be sitting at the breakfast table and she'll catch my eye only to torture me by licking her lips slowly and eating something moist. Normally I would not be enticed in such a manner, but there's something about seeing the prim and proper Dr. Jean Grey in a seductive role that warms me from tip to toe.

At a party once, she came from behind me to whisper in my ear, "I could dance in the silence because your beauty inspires the music of my soul."

I excused myself a few moments later and "borrowed" her from the company she was keeping of the other scientists. Taking her into the ladies restroom, I pushed her against the door of a stall, raised her dress to her hips, and sucked her inner juices until she bite her lip to keep from screaming with pleasure. Then I returned her to the party to allow her to finish her conversation. For the rest of the night, I declined any offers of a drink so that I may relish the taste of her in my mouth.

I savor every moment I have with her. I'm never sure how often we can be together to enjoy each other's bodies, so I take pleasure in her mind as much as possible. Engaging her in lively conversations or sitting with her quietly in the gardens are activities that strengthen our connection. It's when she smiles shyly at me and offers a hushed opinion about the beauty of the world that I love her most.