The Redheads of Mmm...Doctor!

Title: "Her Power"
Author: Cj
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none
Category: Storm/Jean
Disclaimer: Although I wish I did, I don't own the characters, just the ideas.
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Summary: just a drabble of thoughts from Storm's pov; more to follow

Her power ignites me and I feel the passion that only she can quench every time her eyes turn red. I can understand Logan and Scott's attraction to her though theirs is allowed to flourish in the light. She and I share only moments in shadows when she lets me taste her skin. I cannot get enough and can spend hours on one spot, usually her lips. That's when our lovemaking is slow, sensuous, and we have all night to tease each other into bliss.

I remember the first time we had together. She so moved me that I began to cry, my tears causing a light rain to fall. She just smiled at me in awe, laughed in delight, kissed away my tears, and then we made love again. I was surprised to have lost control of my power like that but she has always brought more out in me than I know is there.

At different times, normally after battle, we only have a short while together before we are called upon for other matters. Then our lovemaking is rough, dangerous, passionate, and real. I long to see her writhing beneath me intent on releasing her pent up desire for me to me. We'll be in conference, each supposedly absorbed in the issues involved in the running of a school, and I'll glance up to see her undressing me with her eyes. Her gaze is as genuine and intimate to me as if her hands were caressing my body and I know she would do anything to have me in that moment. The knowledge that I can kindle that power in her is a mind-blowing aphoristic. It's euphoric and my head swims with craving.