Title: Proprietas Meus, Part I
Author: u2pumpkin
Rating: ADULT
Pairing: CJ/Abbey
Category(ies): Romance, Other
Episode(s): - No Episode-
Summary: Abbey teaches CJ what it means to be owned. (Contains Adult Themes)

Disclaimer: I don't own it/them, ye' know.

Authorís Notes: Previously X-posted on ff.net



CJ is surprised not to see her upon entering the small bedroom, quietly closing the door behind her with one hand.

She makes a move to turn around and lock the door when she hears a few quick steps and two small but strong hands suddenly grip her arms from behind her, sliding down to her wrists, pulling them together behind her back.

'Hey! What ..?' she protests, unsuccessfully trying to wriggle out of the grip.

'Don't!' Abbey's stern voice makes her jump and before she knows what is happening, she is ushered towards the left and pinned to the wall in a forceful movement, her head just missing the edge of a picture frame. Abbey presses her shoulders into the younger woman's back, holding her still.

'Now, my dear.' Abbey's hisses, inching back a bit. 'On the floor with you.' And tugging at CJ's arms, trying to push her down.

Over the noise of blood pumping through her ears, then settling down in a puddle between her thighs, CJ can barely hear anything. Still taken aback, she complies. Without even considering to fight she takes a tiny step back, slowly sliding down to her knees.

Overwhelmed. And trembling. But not a bit scared.

CJ tentatively turns her head, trying to get a quick glimpse of Abbey, when she pushes into her again. CJ can feel one of her arms slowly being released, as if the person it belongs to wants to make sure there's no need to grip her again. And the hand that previously had been so harsh to her is now caressing up her arm, softly teasing her through the sleeve of her blouse. The touch of a hand turns into the tingle of just one finger, drawing slow circles as it reaches the back of CJ's neck, sending shivers up and down her spine. She can't help the sigh that escapes her parted lips when Abbey starts tearing at her blouse, exposing her shoulders, planting wet kisses where her neck meets her back. She gasps as Abbey begins to slide her tongue over the soft, slightly salty flesh, all the way up to her hairline. Leaving the younger woman's skin on fire, trembling in anticipation and leaning into the soft touch. Abbey's thumb is stroking the inside of her right wrist, then pressing down firmly to learn that CJ's pulse is already raging. She can't help but smirk at the sight before her, starting to nibble and bite the delicious skin of CJ's neck, eliciting a desperate moan from the Press Secretary.

'Ouch! What the .. ?' CJ cries when Abbey's teeth dig into the subtle skin on her shoulder, almost drawing blood. But Abbey's hand quickly drops her arm and closes firmly over her mouth to silence her. Forcing CJ's rapid breaths through her nose, her eyes wide with shock.

Abbey's voice is steady and low, but CJ can still hear the arousal when she leans into her: 'Not a word, Claudia Jean. Do you understand me?'

She only nods briefly, confusion still written all over her, but doesn't dare to dare to make a sound.

Or another move, for that matter.


Moving over to the other ear, Abbey closes her eyes and briefly indulges in the sweet scent radiating from her captive, the musky perfume mixing with the sweet scent that is CJ.

'In fact, you will not be doing anything tonight,' she pauses and inhales deeply. 'Unless I ask you to.' Then brushing her lips over the shell of CJ's ear ever so slightly.

'Am I making myself clear?'

And again, all CJ can do is nod while her mouth is still firmly covered by the First Lady's hand.

'That's my girl.' Abbey smiles, now rewarding her victim by nibbling at her earlobe, letting her teeth graze over skin and metal, tugging at the small gem. Finding ever new ways of eliciting small shivers from her prey, she slowly slides her tongue over the shell of CJ's ear, pleased to see that CJ is closing her eyes and furrowing her brows in pleasure.

'Oh isn't this just gorgeous!' Abbey thinks to herself as she lets her tongue slip into CJ's ear, causing the woman captured between herself and the wall to breathe in sharply, then exhale slowly through her nose, warming the fingers still covering CJ's mouth.

'You know, Claudia Jean,' Abbey purrs 'I always knew you had a thing for me,..' and presses a soft kiss on CJ's neck. 'But now it seems like you're nothing more than a piece of butter, melting between my fingers.' And another kiss on the shell of CJ's ear. 'Aren't you?' At the low growl surfacing from deep within her prey Abbey can't help but sport a full on smile. As she snakes her free hand through CJ's hair she can feel her tense slightly, but this only encourages her as she holds onto the thick strands and yanks CJ's head to the side, her captive wincing. The sweet sounds of CJ's pleasure are bringing her own blood to the boil. Her other hand slides from CJ's mouth, caressing her jaw and tracing invisible lines down to her neck. While placing a line of kisses along CJ's left shoulder, suckling the bare flesh, she decides it's time.

'You're mine now, Claudia Jean.'

And there's that whimper she was so eagerly trying to force out of the younger woman, and after pushing into CJ once more she pulls away slightly.

'Take off your blouse.' She doesn't hide the amusement in her voice, nor the desire.

'But Abbey, I ..' is all CJ can whisper before Abbey's body once again presses her into the wall, a rough hand yanking her head back and a few nails digging into her shoulder.

'Now!' Abbey commands, giving her another push.