Title: Imagine
Author: Donna
Rating: PG?
Pairing: CJ/Abbey
Summary: One touch is all it takes

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Author’s Notes: I am in the middle of writing a totally different pairing but indigo_infernogave me the prompt ‘kiss’ today and this drabble came from it. The usual character disclaimer applies.

“Close your eyes.”

The yellow light from the hallway nudges against her eyelids. She relaxes into the chair and lifts her feet onto the corner of the desk. The wood feels like ice against her sleek long calves.

“OK. They’re closed.”

“Good. Now take your middle finger up to your lips and…”

She grips the phone hard in her palm and gasps. The light explodes into burning orange and blue swirls as she forces her eyes to remain shut.

“Are you still there?” The soft voice asks.

“Yeah.” She breathes through the tears and does as she is told. Her lips hum warmly against her fingertips as she wrestles with an ugly sob. The touch is silky and electrifying but second best at most.

“Oh god…” She moans as her mind tricks her, her tongue slipping over her fingers like cool flames. “I need you now.”

“I know darling. I’m just two times zones away. It won’t be long.”

“So by this time tomorrow we will be together?”

Abbey Bartlet sits up sharply as the door opens. She has no defence against his warm tired smile.

“Oh yes. I certainly hope so.”