Title: It Ends Tonight
Author: Montiese
Rating: YTEEN
Pairing: CJ/Abbey, CJ/Leo
Character: Leo McGarry
Category: Drabble
Summary: I suspected, I don’t know why but I did.

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I cannot believe I have to tell her that he knows. I cannot believe I know. This is too much, even for me and I seen a lot. I suspected, I don’t know why but I did. Secret glances, code speak, the look of pleasure and guilt across her face when we were together. I knew she was seeing someone else but damn…Abbey Bartlet. I'm not angry at her, maybe she could get from Abbey what she doesn’t get from me. OK, I'm angry. I can't be angry with her, no intentions were stated between us and that was my fault. But now I want to fight, I want to win; for myself and for the President. He is my best friend and she is my girlfriend. Abbey can't have them both. This is not going to end well, but it ends tonight.

“Hey Leo, you needed to see me.”