Title: Goddess
Author: Montiese
Rating: TEEN
Pairing: CJ/Abbey
Category: Drabble
Summary: Love made a rational woman untamed.

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Author’s Notes: This one is for [info]harlowbabe and for [info]indigo_inferno, who wanted paint. Hope you both like it, and everyone else too : )

Abbey laughed when CJ slapped her hand away.

“Its not dry yet.” She warned.

“Can I at least open my eyes? Claudia Jean, what color am I?”

“It’s my favorite…its called Goddess.”

“Care to be more specific?” the First Lady asked.

“No. All you need to know is it fits you perfectly.”

Abbey smiled as the cool of the body brush moved along her torso. She could not believe she was being painted. She could not believe it was CJ Cregg painting her. Love made a rational woman untamed. Apparently, it also made Abbey Bartlet a goddess.