Title: 2 Drabbles
Author: nerweniel
Rating: PG13
Pairing: CJ/Abbey

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Author’s Notes: I left them without titles, because I am bad with those and because the pieces are so short...


Sometimes, CJ wonders what it’d be like to wake up to the sound of Abbey singing in the shower.

It’s this silly notion she has, really, and a bit childish, too, fuelled as it is by a jealousy she knows she’s not allowed to feel. She realizes that already, she’s getting more than she deserves, and she is grateful – usually.

When, that evening, they find a stolen moment, as sweet as it is short, and she feels Abbey’s hair between her fingers, Abbey’s chest against hers, she smiles against the First Lady’s lips despite everything.

Only afterwards, when she’s alone, she realizes she’s never asked Abbey whether she does, in fact, sing in the shower.

Somehow, CJ’s sure she does. 


They had never really believed they’d manage to keep it a secret, those first couple of months.

Their own success had astonished them – CJ still believed that every time she so much as looked at the First Lady, it was tattooed on her skin, and with every word she addressed to her boss’s wife, she felt that somehow, her voice screamed itself hoarse with the words she’d never really – she really hadn’t, actually – spoken out loud.

Abbey, I’m afraid I love you.

CJ Cregg knew that without her glasses, without her contacts, she was liable to fall into her own swimming pool – but she also knew that, by far, she was not the blindest person working in the West Wing.