Title: Weekend Oasis

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Category: Sam & Janet

Status: Complete

Rating: Rish

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Authorís notes: Written for the prompt SLIP-N-SLIDE in the Sam/Jan Drabble-a-thon.

Copyright © Patricia M. Byrne May, 2007


Janet loved to watch the soap suds make their way down the spine of Samantha Carter.

It was one of the simple pleasures of sharing a shower in the morning. The benefit on weekends was that they didnít always have to rush and could sometimes take time for other more frivolous activities.

Starting at Samís shoulder Janet kissed her way down her body, loving the smooth, slick feel of the clean, wet skin beneath her lips and tongue. Samís skin was a virtual slip-n-slide of pleasure just waiting to be jumped on.

And, today, Janet was diving in with vigor.