By Meesh

Pairing: Hammond/Jacob, Hammond/Jacob/Janet.
Rating: Adult
Category: A very sick and twisted sense of Humour
Content Warnings: Slash, and abysmal taste!
Spoilers: Some minor spoilers for The Cure.


Janet was seething.
Hammond had promised her, sworn to her that the Tok’ra delegation would be on time. Finding a synthetic alternative to the tretonin was hard enough without the Tok’ra skipping out on helping.

“In his office.” Siler indicated as she stormed through the control room angrily.

She didn’t knock; if they were going to be late she wasn’t going to be polite about it.
Her eyes nearly popped out on stalks at the sight. Hammond was… kneeling on the floor… and Jacob….

“Oh my!”

Her pulse raced and she felt a little hot under the collar.

“Close the door.” Jacob instructed a devious twinkle in his eye.