The Redheads of Mmm...Doctor!

Title: The Secret Ingredient
Author: John O'Connor
Rating: NC-17 (definitely - see note).
Pairings: Sam and Janet.
Category: First time.
Date: 29 January 2004
Series: None.
Summary: Sam wants to know the secret of Janet's secret recipe.

Author's Disclaimer: "Stargate SG-1" and its characters are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, SciFi Channel, Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author.

Special note: This is a nasty little story and may not appeal to everyone. While there is no S&M or anything, the use of fruits and veggies in unusual ways (even for an NC-17 story) may be considered extreme by some.

"Doc, this is the best!" Jack O'Neill declared.

He was tightly clasping a kaiser roll that held a Polish sausage smothered in mustard and onions.

Daniel, eyeing the extras that Jack used, said, "How can you tell?"

"Trust me, Danny-boy. After a lifetime of Chicago sausages & dogs, I know what I'm talking about."

"You stated you lived in Minnesota, O'Neill," Teal'c said.

"Yeah, well, we still went back to see family and Dad had to have his home-grown sausages. Well, home-stuffed anyway. I had an uncle who packed his own sausages

"But, anyway Doc, this is one of the best Polish I've ever had! What's your secret?"

Janet Fraiser sat back with a small smile. "That's just it, it's a secret, Colonel. A special marinade..."

"Janet, this corn is quite good too," Daniel said, waving a partially-eaten ear around. "Same thing?"

"Yep. And the cucumbers and carrots in the salad."

"The same marinade for meat and vegetables?" Jack asked. "That must be some concoction."

Sam watched for a moment from the kitchen. She enjoyed having her extended family together. And the opportunity was rare that all of them could get together at the same time. But this was a rare weekend. SG-1 was off and so was Janet. It was a warm, sunny day, and a good chance for them to get together.

Cassie was in heaven too. Her favorite people were all together at the same time.

Sam watched her sitting relaxed on the patio, listening to every word said. And occasionally throwing in the wisdom of a teenager just to keep the adults on their toes.

The tall blonde walked out onto the back porch of Janet and Cassie Fraiser's house after 'inspecting the plumbing'. "What are you guys talking about?"

"Carter, tell me this isn't the best damned Polish sausage ever! I dare ya!"

"Yes sir, it is. That what you were talking about?"

Janet nodded. "The colonel's trying to get my secret."

"Fat chance. How long have I been pestering you for it?"

Janet just smiled. But there was a certain smugness in that smile.

"Hey!" Jack yelled. "I got it! It's booze! You soak them in Jack Daniels or something."

Sam's eyes widened, "That's why you always make sure Cassie's are separate, so she won't get buzzed."

Janet sat there with a smile, not acknowledging or denying her friends' guesses. This was a secret she was planning to keep for a long, long time.

* * * *

Janet walked her guests to their cars. "Yes sir, I'll be happy to make you some of my special cucumber salad. I'll bring it in on Monday."

Jack looked smugly pleased and nodded at Daniel, "See?

For me. And I'm not sharing..."

"O'Neill, let us go. I wish to again view the adventures of Skywalker and his comrades."

"You got it, Big Guy. C'mon Daniel, Teal'c has a movie to watch. Again."

As the men left, Sam stood next to Janet in the early evening light.

"Just how many times has he watched "Star Wars"?" Janet asked.

"I dunno. But I bet he could give my big brother a run for his money. He saw it something like twenty times in the theater when it came out."

"Twenty times?"

"Yep. It was the hottest thing for geeks since the original "Star Trek". At least until the internet..."

Janet laughed and headed back around the house to the patio. Sam followed.

After cleaning up the back yard, Sam checked in on Cassie. The fifteen-year old was on-line IM-ing friends.

"Not going out?"

"Not tonight. Stephie, Dawn and I are going to the mall tomorrow."

"Sounds like fun," Sam said with a small grin. "Boys, shopping, food court... What more could you want?"

"Yeah, it'll be fun."

"Okay, kiddo, see ya later."

Sam turned to leave the teen's room when Cassie stopped her, "Sam?"


"Why won't Mom let me have any of the stuff you guys have? It's not like I'm gonna get drunk and act stupid."

Sam stood in the doorway for a moment. How to put this? "Well, you're just not old enough. In a few years, it'll be okay for you to drink alcohol, if you want. But for now, it's just best not to give you any."

Cassie sat and stared at her monitor, pouting. "Not fair. Grandpa gives me rum balls at Christmas..."

Sam stepped forward and ran her hand along the girl's long hair. "'Poor, poor pitiful me.'"


"Old song. Don't worry about it. When you're old enough, I'm sure your mom will be happy to share.

You'll probably even get her recipe."

Cassie grinned at the mock-hurt look on Sam's face. "Thanks Sam."

"I'll stop in to day good night before I leave, kiddo."

"Okay Sam."

Before the short sentence was finished, Cassie had already turned back to the monitor. Sam smiled and pulled the door shut.

Reentering the kitchen, Sam saw three cucumbers and a carrot in a drainer in the sink. "Getting ready to make the colonel's treat?"

"Soon," Janet said cryptically. "Thanks for helping me cleanup."

"Hey, thanks for dinner. The colonel is right, your sausages are the best. Sure you won't share your secret?"

Janet simply nodded. "Want another beer?"

"Sure, one more then I'll head home."

* * * *

Sam was driving to her little 'home away from the mountain' as she called it. She was feeling content.

The food was great and she ate just enough to keep her from any munchie attacks later. And she had paced herself on the beer so she wasn't drunk or even very tired.

"Shit!" she said out loud. "My wallet!"

Sam rarely carried any kind of pocket book. She only really had two purses, both her mother's. She preferred to travel light and usually just carried an over-sized wallet. It was more than enough for her cash, IDs, and credit cards. It even had a pocket for what little makeup she did wear, when she bothered to where any.

But it was too large for the hip pocket of her denim shorts. And it was uncomfortable to sit if she had the wallet in her front pocket. When she got home, she usually tossed on the dresser in her bedroom. And she usually left it in her on-base quarters under the mountain while on duty.

But when she went to friends' places, she usually left it on the coffee table or an end table. (If it was a larger event, she'd lock it in her car.)

She hit the wheel with the heel of her hand. She could picture where she left it at Janet's, on the counter near the refrigerator. She'd placed it there while she put the beer she brought in the appliance.

Sam thought quickly. She needed the cash for grocery shopping in the morning. And she wanted her driver's license just in case something happened. And Janet would still be up, she was planning to start on Jack's salad.

Ten minutes later, Sam pulled up in front of her closest friend's house. Cassie's light was out but she had a busy day and had been yawning a lot just before Sam left. The living room light was low.

'Since Janet'll be in the kitchen, I'll just go around,' Sam thought as she headed again for the back yard.

Strangely, the sliding door curtains were closed as was the draw shade on the back door. The thin curtains over the window above the sink was drawn closed as well.

Intrigues, and a bit apprehensive, Sam walked quietly up to the kitchen window. Using one of the hard-wood deck chairs, she was able to look in.

It took all her will power not to fall off the chair when she saw what was going on in the Fraiser kitchen.

* * * *

After Sam left, Janet checked the house, confirmed that Cassie was down for the night (the teen was snoring softly when Janet looked in on her), and then closed the drapes and curtains in the kitchen.

The petit brunette eyed the veggies before her. She always made a point of buying the largest she could when it came to fruits and vegetables. The cucumbers were all at least seven inches long and two to three inches around. The carrot was nearly ten inches long and widened to almost a two-inch circumference.

Taking a pairing knife, Janet cut five small, V-shaped notches in the surface of the cucumbers. These ran from end to end and were roughly parallel. She also used an old-fashioned peeler and peeled the large carrot.

"All the better to 'season' you," Janet said with a wicked giggle, as she caressed the cool, hard vegetables.

She pulled a stool over to the counter, where the vegetables were arrayed, and hiked up her short, denim skirt.

After pulling her panties down to fall to the floor, Janet sat on the stool and grabbed one of the cucumbers. She lifted one leg and set her foot on the counter to open herself more.

With a low moan, Janet slid the seven-inch long cuke into her already-wet sex. The coolness of the vegetable against her own heat was thrilling.

Slowly, she began to pump it in and out. As it slid out, she could see her juices coating the surface and pooling in the notches.

Janet slowly pushed and pulled the long, green veggie in and out of herself. Her own nectar was flowing freely now and coating every bit of the cuke.

She thought of the men eating her food after it had 'marinated' inside her. But her thoughts seemed to go on to Sam. Her beautiful, brilliant friend...

With legs that just wouldn't stop.

With her other hand, Janet began to lightly stroke her clit in time to her thrusts. In seconds, she bit down on her lip to keep from shouting as she came, her juices flowing over the remainder of the vegetable protruding from her.

Carefully, she removed the first cucumber and set it in the drainer to dry. Taking a second one, Janet began to repeat the process. And her pleasure.

She began to slide the cuke in and out as she remembered Sam's tanned legs and how nicely snug the blonde's shorts were. When her memory flashed to a naked Sam on an examining table, she climaxed again.

"Two down," she whispered.

* * * *

The bright light in the kitchen shown through the thin curtains allowing someone to see in if they were close enough.

Sam was close enough.

She stood on the wooden lawn chair, her eyes riveted on the spectacle inside the modern, but homey kitchen. The owner of that kitchen was sitting in such a way that someone looking in the window would have an unobstructed view of her actions.

Sam was taking in that view.

More specifically, the blonde's eyes were locked on the long piece of green vegetable as it slid in and out of the lovely doctor's pink netherlips.

It was obvious to Sam that Janet was definitely enjoying herself, the cucumber was shiny and slick with her essence.

Sam felt herself become slick as her eyes took in more of Janet than she ever guessed she'd see. The long legs she had quietly admired led up to a nicely rounded set of hips but, more importantly at the moment, a lovely mound at the juncture of those legs. Janet's pubic hair was neat and trimmed and a lovely shade of mahogany. Her netherlips were pink and swollen at the moment. Sam could even see her tiny clitoris standing proudly above the thrusting vegetable.

Unsnapping her shorts, Sam slipped her own hand inside. She was glad she hadn't bothered with underwear which was usually slightly uncomfortable and definitely noticeable beneath her shorts.

She slid her fingers down to her own wet heat and began to masturbate. The thought that any of Janet's neighbors might see a prowler and call the police added to the excitement.

In seconds, Sam's hand matched the rhythm of Janet's hands as they pleasured the little brunette. Sam wanted to cum at the same time as Janet.

As Janet climaxed for the second time that night, she moaned "Sammmmm!" It was loud enough to carry through the closed window to the voyeur outside.

Hearing her name as Janet came send Sam over the edge and this time she did slip off the chair and fell against the wall of the house.

Sam was lying on the ground with one hand in her shorts as the light came on by the back door.

"Who's there?" Janet demanded.

"I-it's o-okay, Janet... I-it's just m-me."

"Sam?" Janet walked over to help her friend. She reached down and took Sam's free hand to pull the taller woman up. "What're you doing here?"

"I... I left my wallet here and..." Sam paused as she finally looked up at Janet's shadowed face. "Your fingers are a bit damp..."

Janet looked down to see Sam's wet finger slide out of her shorts. The zipper had opened more and Janet could see the upper fringe of Sam's near-perfect pubic triangle.

"Maybe we better talk inside," Janet said, tugging on Sam's hand.

Sam couldn't help but smirk. In a quiet, sing-song voice, she chanted, "I know your secret recipe. I know your secret recipe..."

* * * *

The two friends stood quietly for a long moment in the bright kitchen, their hands still clasped. Sam looked at the orgasm-flushed, beautiful face of her favorite doctor while Janet's eyes kept returning to the blonde curls peaking out of Sam's shorts.

Finally Sam broke the silence, "So, how long have you..."

"Been self-basting my food?" Sam nodded, an accompanying giggle surprising them both.

"Well, remember in the cafeteria when the colonel went on and on about PMS and other things unique to women?"

Sam shook her head, not that she hadn't heard such crap from Jack O'Neill a thousand times. She just didn't remember this incident.

"No? Oh, I think you were at the Academy or something. Anyway, I just got fed up and asked if there was anything he did like about women. It made him shut up for a moment then he muttered something. I asked him what he said and he turned red. Teal'c told me O'Neill said he likes how we taste."

"Oh my God! He said that! What a..."

"Jerk?" Janet shook her head, "He's no worse, and usually a lot better, than most of the clowns I deal with. The Marines are the worst, especially if it's an all-male unit.

"Anyway, the next day off we all had, I had agreed to a barbecue. I decided to get him back."

"By..." Sam wiggled her pale eyebrows and looked meaningfully at the items on the counter.

"Yeah. And I found that if carrot's skin is off or a cucumber is slit, it soaks in better. After that first time, I just... I kinda got off on the whole idea of my...juices being on other people's food."

Janet looked deep into Sam's blue eyes.

"Did...did you get off on me eating this...?" Sam asked in a small voice.

Janet's eyes dipped and she nodded, "Yes. I...I hope you aren't too...disgusted."

In truth, Janet wasn't very worried. After all, she caught Sam masturbating to her masturbation. When she thought about it, she couldn't help but snicker. When Sam asked, Janet told her, "I was thinking how I caught you masturbating after you caught me masturbating and..."

Janet looked deeply at Sam again. "I've wanted to do this for so long..."

The shorter woman's hands grasped Sam's face and pulled the blonde to her. Sam didn't bother to resist. Her lips were even parted when they met Janet's open mouth.

There was nothing soft about this kiss. It was hot and hard and passionate. Softness and sweetness would come to them later. This first kiss was all about need and desire.

After thoroughly searching Sam's mouth with her tongue, Janet pulled back. Sam stared at her, her blue eyes dark with lust. Janet's lust-filled stare was directed right back to the blonde.

Grasping and pulling Sam's denim shorts off, Janet said, "Time to see how sweet your marinade is..."

As if it was one, well-orchestrated movement, Janet pushed Sam back against the counter as she dropped to her knees and pulled one of Sam's legs over her shoulder.

She gazed at the blonde-furred prize she had always considered unattainable. She pulled the wet lips apart and pushed her mouth in, her tongue swabbing all around.

Sam moaned as Janet went down on her. The woman was as skilled with her mouth as she was with her hands.

Add to that, the secret longing Sam had barely even acknowledged to herself, and she was close to her second orgasm of the night.

Janet thrust her tongue deep into Sam and felt the woman tighten around it. Sam was close. Janet knew just the thing to put her over.

The brunette pulled back, grabbed the unused cucumber and pushed it into Sam. She sucked Sam's clit into her mouth, her tongue dancing across it, while pumping the vegetable in Sam.

Sam moaned again with a bit more volume. The vegetable was cool and hard. Janet's tongue was fast and exciting. And when she felt a finger push into her ass, she felt herself swooning.

Janet caught Sam as she started to sag. She sat on the floor with Sam in her lap as the blonde slowly recovered. She smiled when she felt Sam's wetness ooze into her skirt.

Finally Sam opened her eyes and said, "That was incredible!"

Janet smiled and kissed Sam deeply. This was less hard and fierce, it was more loving and tender. Sam responded with equal tenderness.

Finally, they broke the kiss. Janet stroked Sam's cheek, "Wanna help me with a new recipe?"

With a wicked smile, Sam asked, "Cucumber salad a la Fraiser and Carter?"

"Exactly," Janet said with an equally devious smile.

"Poor Cassie," Sam said as she took a carrot in hand and knelt before her new lover.

"Wha... Huh?" Janet asked, puzzled.

"I told her she could try your recipe when she's old enough. Guess I lied to the poor child."

"You certainly did! But I think she'll get over it.

Now, you gonna just admire that carrot or..."

Needless to say, Jack loved the new secret recipe.