The Redheads of Mmm...Doctor!

Title: 100 Days on Tape

Author: Wordsmith

Rating: R or NC-17 (where is that line, anyway)

Disclaimers: not mine, never will be, just playing, don't sue me!

Warnings: non-con sexual activity, sort of.

"Colonel, we need to talk."

Jack O'Neil stopped in his tracks. Nothing good ever came from a conversation that started with those four words. He slowly turned to face the speaker, surprised to see Dr. Janet Frasier, the Star Gate Command Chief Medical Officer striding toward him, carrying what looked to be two video cassettes in her hand. O'Neil noticed that they were from the time loop. For reasons unknown, although no one besides Tealc and O'Neil noticed that the same day was repeating itself over and over, the security cameras on base were not effected. The entire time loop had been recorded from every camera at the SGC.

"Doctor," he began warily. "What can I do for you?"

Janet looked up at the taller man and blew out a tired breath. "Something happened during the time that you and Tealc were caught in the time-loop, something that we need to discuss." She looked O'Neil in the eye, "Privately."

Gesturing her forward, O'Neil followed Janet into her office, where she surprised him by not only closing the door but by locking it. She sat at her desk, and clasped her hands in front of her, waiting.

O'Neil shifted uncomfortably. Finally he could take the silence no longer. "Doc?"

Janet quirked an eyebrow at him. "Colonel, " she began, "During the period when you and Tealc were stuck in the time loop, did anything happen that you chose not to include in your report?"

"You mean, other than having to eat Fruit Loops every day for over three months?" he grinned.

Janet's expression did not change. "Your report says that there were a few days that you decided to quote Take a day off?"

O'Neil smiled sheepishly, "Well, yeah. I mean Doc, it had been going on and on and nothing changed, no matter how much Tealc and I tried to fix things. So, I took a day off. I watched TV instead of trying to fix the loop. The Lakers were on."

"And all you did was watch TV?" Janet asked evenly.

O'Neil shrugged, "Not very creative of me, I know. But yeah." He looked at her shrewdly. "Why?" Suddenly, O'Neil's face looked apprehensive. He gestured to the video cassettes on the doctor's desk. "The tapes don't show anything do they? I mean, you don't have me on tape doing anything embarrassing, do you? Because" he sputtered, "I mean, a man has needs and sometimes he needs to relieve those needs himself…" he finished lamely, blushing furiously at the thought of just how many times he had needed to relieve himself during the interminable loops.

Janet looked him squarely in the eye. If the colonel didn't know better, he would say she was trying hard to control her anger. But why should she be angry toward him? She was a doctor, for crying out loud. She of all people should understand. When she spoke her voice was like ice. "And just exactly what need were you releasing when you kissed my girlfriend in the Gate Room?" She stood and inserted the cassette into the vcr in the corner of her office and turned it on. The tape was cued to the moment, just before stepping through the Gate on Day 77, O'Neil pulled Major Samantha Carter to him and kissed her furiously.

O'Neil's mind was still getting over the shock of seeing himself on the tape, when the logical part of his mind blurted out, "Girlfriend?"

Janet's tone confirmed her barely controlled temper, "Yes, girlfriend. MY girlfriend! That you kissed without her consent, without any provocation from her, might I ad?" Janet stood and came around her desk to stand in front of the colonel, 5'2" of fury. "And if any of the other tapes show any other moves by you on her, I will see that you don't walk straight for another 100 days! Have I made myself clear?"

O'Neil backed up from the other woman. "Doc, you gotta know, I had no idea!" he sputtered. "If I thought that Sam, that is Major Carter, was involved with anyone, let alone you…" As of suddenly realizing what he was saying, O'Neil stopped and gave the doctor an admiring glance. "Doc? You and Sam? You're…together? Does anyone else know about this?"

Janet smiled at last, knowing she had gotten through to the colonel. "No one else knows, except General Hammond."

O'Neil barked, "Hammond knows? What's he going to do? He can't just ignore it." O'Neil looked at Janet, "Can he?"

Janet explained, "General Hammond went through all the tapes himself, for security to see make sure nothing was on them that we needed to know. Now, there are some areas of the infirmary that are more, well, private, than others." Janet blushed slightly. "And Sam and I have been known to be, well, less than discreet in those areas because as Chief Medical Officer I'm the only one with access to those security tapes. At least until now."

She gestured to the tape on her desk, while O'Neil noticed a large stack of cassettes on the shelf behind Janet's desk. "The general was kind enough to hand over the tapes to me, once he realized what he was seeing. He and I talked it over, and he agreed that as long as Sam and I continue to be discreet and not let it effect our job performance there's no reason for him to report our relationship."

"Whew." O'Neil breathed a sigh of relief. "I swear to you Doc, it was just the one time. I just wanted to know what it was like." He got a faraway look in his eye as he remembered the feeling of the major's lips.

Janet cleared her throat and O'Neil noticed she had that look again. The look that said, Try it again, and I will hurt you. Then her expression softened and she admitted, "Well Sam is pretty irresistible. But from now on, " she finished sternly, "You will resist!"

O'Neil stiffened into a salute. "Yes, Ma'am!"

"Oh by the way Jack" O'Neil was surprised by her use of his first name, "Sam doesn't remember it happening, so as far as you're concerned, it didn't, right?"


"O.k. then. As long as you're so curious to see what it's like, "Janet tossed Jack the other tape from her desk, "Knock yourself out."

Jack looked at the tape in astonishment. "Is this…?you and…?and I can…?"

Janet laughed, looking extremely pleased with herself. "It is. And you can? But" she continued menacingly, "If I find out you showed anyone, or made any copies, you know what will happen?"

O'Neil could only whisper, "Yes, Ma'am."

The rest of the day passed in a blur for O'Neil. He could not wait for his shift to end so he could go to his house and view the tape the doctor had given him. Part of him wondered if it was just a joke on the doctor's part. "Hmph, it's probably just a tape of an empty corridor and I'll have to watch the whole thing to find out. And she knows I'll do it too."

O'Neil was pulled from his musing by Major Carter.

"Sir, a bunch of us are going to Janet's tonight for dinner. She wanted me to make sure to ask if you wanted to join us." Samantha Carter's sky blue eyes looked at him expectantly. She genuinely liked the colonel and enjoyed spending time with him off base.

O'Neil cleared his throat, "The doc asked? Me? To dinner?"

Sam frowned at his reaction. "Well, yeah, Sir. I mean, the rest of us will be there too, you know." Usually O'Neil jumped at the chance to socialize with the rest of the team, and Janet's house seemed to be the one they wound up at the most. She took him by the arm and said in a low voice, "Sir, I know."

O'Neil looked at her in alarm. She knew? About the kiss? He opened his mouth to try to explain but was cut off when Sam said, "That is, I know you know." She looked him in the eye, "I know you know about me and Janet." Glancing down the hall to see if anyone was within earshot. Seeing no one, Sam said, "I hope your hesitating to spend time with us doesn't mean you have a problem with it. With us, that is. I mean," she ran her fingers through her short blond hair. "You don't do you Sir?"

O'Neil smiled in relief. "Nahh, Carter. I'm glad you found someone who makes you happy." He looked at her closely. "She does, doesn't she? Because if she doesn't or if she ever does anything to hurt you, she'll be hearing about it from me."

Sam nodded, "She make me happier than I ever thought possible. Thank you for being so understanding."

He smiled at her. "Good. So, what time tonight? I did actually have plans, but I guess I can put it off for a few hours if beer is involved. There is beer involved, right?"