The Redheads of Mmm...Doctor!

Title: Perfect Stranger
Author: Elizabeth

“So she really is pregnant?” Alex asks me through a mouthful of food. We are sitting in a restaurant downtown eating Chinese food with chopsticks. This is something I'm not very good at, but I'm trying. Alex on the other hand is very good at it and makes me look like a two year old. I am recapping a conversation Kerry and I had that very day in the hospital. I swallow my food and answer, “Yep. Sandy came to the hospital this morning and Kerry told her. I guess I was the first one they saw because she looked like she was ready to burst with the news and just had to tell someone.”

“And she still has feelings for Kim?”

“Strong ones from what I can gather.”

I had been waiting for this night since I went to supper with Kerry on Tuesday. Alex and I were on opposite schedules Wednesday and Thursday so I didn't see much of her. I really missed her. After dinner we were planning on going home and just being together…and maybe more. I am very excited and can't wait for dinner to be over. We've been talking about work and picking at our food for a half an hour now. Just as I am thinking this Alex throws down her chopsticks and asks if I am finished. I look down at my food. I'm not really hungry and didn't eat much if it, so I put my sticks down as well and nod.

Alex signals for the check, we fight over who is going to pay it and make our way out to my car. I am so glad we are both off tomorrow so we can actually spend the night being together. I think about what is to come as I drive, not really saying much. It doesn't seem to matter though. Alex is holding my hand and looking out the window. Every now and then she makes a comment about something she sees outside until we finally pull up to her house. I put the car in park and immediately lean over and kiss her. She kisses me back, wrapping her arms around me. We kiss for a few minutes and then Alex gets out of the car, takes my hand and leads me into the house. I just manage to get my shoes off when Alex is leading me upstairs and into her bed, kissing me the whole time. She lays me back and searches my eyes with her own. “Are you ready for this?”

“Yes.” I say it with so much meaning that I can see the hunger it has brought to her. She starts to kiss me and I kiss her back, running my hands inside her shirt and up to her bra. I just manage to get it unclasped when Alex rolls me over so she is on top of me. She starts to unbutton my shirt, following with her mouth and kissing my stomach as she does. I moan, only giving her more drive as she reaches around and unclasps my bra as well. Never taking her eyes off mine, she sits up and takes her own shirt off and her bra falls off easily, showing me what I already know: this is the most beautiful woman who ever walked this land. I have no time to think about this because Alex is now kissing my breast, taking my nipple between her teeth and driving me into a major sense of need. She continues this while cupping my other breast with her hand, playing with the nipple with her thumb.

She continues this for awhile, and then moves to the other breast before making her way down my stomach. Her hand is already where I want her mouth to be, cupping between my legs. Even though I still have my pants on I am being very turned on by this. She gives the smallest of pushes and a very loud audible moan escapes my throat again. She very slowly takes my pants off and then my panties. I am now a naked Susan staring up at her. She looks at me for a minute, bringing a blush to my face before saying, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” This brings tears to my eyes as I realize no one has ever said that to me before. Luckily Alex doesn't see them and they do not spill over. She proceeds to kiss my thighs and the spot just above where I want her to be. “Ohh God Alex.” I know what she is doing and I know she knows it too. Just when I think I can't take it anymore she plunges her tongue in and I am brought to a very high moment of bliss that lasts a long time. She continues to stroke me with her tongue until I reach my elevation and she rides it out with me as I scream and moan and repeat her name over and over.

When I finally come down she crawls back on top of me and kisses me tenderly. I can taste myself on her lips and it is turning me on even more. I bring her up over me and kiss her in the spot right between her breasts, where if she were not breathing and without a pulse I would be land marking for CPR. I come up for air and start at her pants. She helps me get them off and I bring her up so she is straddling over my mouth. This is something I have never done, had oral sex with a woman. However I have had it done to me enough times, mostly as payback for what I performed to a man, so I give it my best. I start to stroke her first gently, then harder at her insistence. I am holding her up with my hands on her hips as I go through the motions I hope will give her the thrill I just had. I feel her getting tense, and only have a minute to ponder this when she is screaming “Oh GOD SUSAN!” I have never had anyone scream my name as they came, and there is nothing better. I keep going until she is finished and she sits on my stomach and kisses me so intently that I believe we could just do this all night. Alex pulls the covers over us and lies down while pulling me closer. And in this moment of perfect bliss we fall asleep.

I wake up in the morning to a very annoying beeping. I finally get up and look at the nightstand to see my beeper sitting there. I swear, pick it up and check the number: 829-2482. Alex. I reach over and pick up the phone before I remember where I am. I'm in Alex's bed. In her house. Suddenly I smell food. Smiling, I get up and pull a housecoat on before making my way downstairs. What I see makes me smile even more. Breakfast is on the table and Alex is at the coffee machine. I wrap my arms around her waist and kiss her neck. “Morning Love.”

“Morning.” I feel her wince as she turns her head to kiss me.

“Did I hurt you just there?”

“No it's fine. I think I bruised my hip last night.”

“Well let me take a look.”

“No it's nothing…it'll go away in a few days.”

I start to tease her, “Oh come on…I am a doctor after all.” As I say this I pull off her robe. What I see makes me gasp. On either side of Alex's hips are perfect imprints of my hands. “Um…Honey I don't think it's normal for my hand to leave bruises like that.” Alex looks down and shakes her head. I tilt up her chin and look into her eyes. “How long have you been getting bruises like this?”

“A couple of weeks.”

“Alex! You have to be tested. You could be anemic, have blood clotting problems. And you know those are best case scenarios.”

“NO. I'm not going to the hospital. Come on Susan! This is our day off. I don't want to spend it waiting at the er.”

“First of all you are going to the hospital as soon as we get dressed and second you know you won't be waiting that long at the hospital. We'll go to County and get special treatment.”

“I don't want to. You're making a big deal out of nothing.”

“Okay fine.” I go to the phone and call Elizabeth. Alex watches me, puzzled. “What are you doing?”

“Getting a second opinion. Elizabeth? It's Susan I'm across the street. Can you come over here? Thanks.”

“Susan! I can't believe you just did that. You are blowing this way out of proportion.”

“Am I? Your hip looks like I hauled off and slapped you and yet I'm the one blowing it out of proportion.” Alex opens her mouth to speak but is interrupted by the doorbell. I go and answer it. “Elizabeth, hi.”

“Susan what's wrong?” Elizabeth asks as she sets Ella down and takes off her Coat. Alex comes into the room wearing her housecoat again. “Susan's being insane, that's what's wrong.”

“I am not being insane. Elizabeth, come take a look at this and tell me what you think.” I go over to Alex and take down part of her robe again. Elizabeth Gasps at what she sees. “Well…either you are in an abusive relationship or you bruise easily. Neither is good I might add.”

“Well Susan didn't hit me.”

“Right. Okay go get dressed, we're going to the hospital.”

Alex is furious at this, but allows me to lead her upstairs where we get dressed and then come back down. Elizabeth is already out warming up her van with Ella strapped in. We make it to County at record time and Elizabeth flags down Kerry as she leads us to certain area three. Kerry comes in, looks at the bruise and immediately orders labs. Abby comes in to do the stick. “Alex?”

“Hey Abs. Did you know Susan is very paranoid?” I put my face in my hands and shake my head. I have been sitting here, my hair in a mess holding her hand during all of this. How could she not be scared? Abby takes one look at the bruising and I see tears start to form. She looks at me and I can only shrug. Kerry marked the labs stat but that doesn't mean anything. We still end up waiting thirty minutes for them to come back. During this time Alex starts to get really nervous. “Susan?”

“Yes Honey?”

“If I…I mean if this…if the labs come back and its bad…will you…you aren't going to leave me are you?”

“Leave you? Why would I do that?”

“I don't know…I just…not many people want a sick partner.” Now the tears begin to fall. I sit down and hold her, stroking her hair as she cries. We sit there for a long time, me stroking her hair and whispering to her as she calms down. At some point she falls asleep and I am left with my own thoughts. Finally Kerry comes in, and I know right away from the look on her face. She has another doctor with her. I look to her in question and she nods. I shake my head and look down at the beauty in my arms. “Alex? Honey wake up.” Alex opens her eyes and looks up at Kerry.

“Alex, this is Dr. Macintyre from Oncology. We're going to take you up soon. I'm afraid it's leukemia.”

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