The Redheads of Mmm...Doctor!

Author: Kando
Title: What’s in a Name
Part: 1 of 1
Category: pointless, warm fuzzy cuteness. Deal with it!
Short Summary: Kerry’s got a new friend
Rating/Warning: ever so G
Spoilers: ‘Damage Is Done’
Complete: yep!

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This is my first shot at ER fic, so be profuse in your praise and the muses might just come out to play…

What’s In A Name
By Kando

The morning dawned bright and cold. A few clouds scuttled across the sky as a lone figure walked along the sidewalk, a leash in one hand, her crutch in the other.

“Come on, already. Haven’t you picked a spot yet?”

The soft eyes stared up at her in query, as if trying to figure out what she was saying to him, before returning to his important task of sniffing the ground.

“Stinky… Still hate that name, you know. We need to name you something else.” Reaching down, the petite woman patted the creature on the head. “What do you think of….” She paused for a moment. “Harold?”

A low whine issued from the scruffy canine.

“Ok.” The red-head replied with a laugh. “How about…. Sparky?” Another whine issued from the dog, this time, joined by a pitiful look. “You sure are tough to name.”

The pair continued to walk down the street, as the woman thought of various name options. Each one that she suggested, Stinky refused with a corresponding whine.

“Ok, I give up…” She said with a sigh. Then she smiled. “One last option. What do you think of Rocket?”

He looked at her, head cocked to the side, as if considering the last option.

“What do you think? Rocket sounds good, doesn’t it?”

With a short bark and a waggle of his tail, the dog formerly known as Stinky, approved of his new name.

“Rocket it is… Just remind me not to talk about you in front of Romano.”