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Title: All I Want
Author: A. Magiluna Stormwriter
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Date: 23 December 2004
Fandom: ER / Realistic
Pairing: Kerry/Elizabeth/Abby
Rating: NC17 baby!
Warnings: A/U, anal sex, fisting
Date Written: 17 November – 20 December 2004
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Summary: Elizabeth’s secret wish is granted.

Disclaimer: “ER”, the characters and situations depicted are the property of Warner Bros. Television, Amblin Entertainment, Constant C Productions, NBC, etc. They are borrowed without permission, but without the intent of infringement. This site is in no way affiliated with "ER", NBC, or any representatives of Alex Kingston, Maura Tierney, or Laura Innes. This site contains stories between two mature, consenting adult females.

Disclaimer II: The lyrics used are from “A Christmas Love Song,” written by Alan & Marilyn Bergman, and recorded by The Manhattan Transfer.

Author’s Note: This is SOOOOO an A/U from the series. Basically, “Bygones” never happened. Kerry and Sandy never got back together. Instead, Kerry and Elizabeth got together after Mark’s death. This takes place during Season 10, when Kerry’s Chief of Staff and Abby’s going through med school.

Author’s Note II: I’d had an idea to start this way back in September when I signed up for the thing. And then the idea sat and fermented. I got an idea started in November, but the muses decided to back off again. *sigh* And then Mosca made her request for ass smut and my kinky Elizabeth muse perked right up.

Author’s Note III: The title technically comes from the Manhattan Transfer song quoted at the beginning. It seemed appropriate.

Beta: Shatterpath, of course

Dedication: For Mosca, who wanted het and/or f/f ass smut. Like I could resist….

“All I Want”
by A. Magiluna Stormwriter

“All I want for Christmas is you
You're the gift that's made my dreams all come true -
All I need for Christmas is here
Finding every sweet surprise
Wrapped up in your eyes
Waiting there for me
Underneath the tree”


“Relax, Liz,” Kerry murmured encouragingly. “Let it go.”

I willed my body to relax, moaning softly as I exhaled. And then her fist slipped into me fully and I couldn’t help the automatic tensing of my muscles around her. “Oh god.” It came out as more breath than actual words.

Her knowing chuckle grounded me as her fist moved within me. “I know,” she replied, shifting slightly. The movement pressed the rounded mound of her stomach against my hip more noticeably. “And I know what you need.”

I let myself drift away on the sensations, her encouragement fading to just the comforting buzz. I felt my hips moving, undulating as the need started to spiral along my spine. Lips on my nipple made me arch upward, body spasming as the orgasm rolled over me with a white-hot intensity. I’ve no idea how long I floated on that haze of sated bliss but when I returned to reality, Kerry had already cleaned up our little mess and had the covers pulled over our bodies. I rolled over slightly, pressing grateful kisses to her lips, silently thanking whatever higher power there was that she’d become such an integral part of my life.

“Liz?” she asked lightly as I found myself mesmerized by the baby kicking beneath my hand.


“You did it again.”

I stared at her in confusion for a moment, trying to figure out… Oh. Damn. “Oh god, Kerry, I’m sorry,” I whined, flushing deeply.

She shook her head, smiling bemusedly at me. “Don’t be sorry. A fantasy’s a fantasy. And I certainly can’t blame you for having them about Abby Lockhart. Especially when your own partner is seven months pregnant and huge as a house.”

I chuckled and pressed a teasing kiss just above her belly button. “Will you listen to that, little one?” I asked in a pseudo-whisper. “Your mum thinks she’s as huge as a house and not sexy enough for me. We should show her how wrong she is, don’t you think?”

A pillow thumping against the back of my head made me laugh. “Elizabeth! I thought we agreed there would be no corruption until the baby is old enough to fight back.”

“It got you to smile, didn’t it?” I asked, stretching back out next to her. I held her close and kissed her happily. “I am sorry about the Abby thing. It wasn’t intentional.”

She stared at me for a long moment, and I weathered the gaze easily. I knew that look, knew she was chewing on something mentally. “It’s the scrubs, isn’t it?” she finally asked me, looking deadly serious. I could only stare at her in surprise. “That’s what makes her so damned appealing, isn’t it? Or is it the addition of the coat now?”

I just stared at her, utterly unsure of how to take this line of questioning. It wasn’t as if I could deny my infatuation with Abby. But I adored Kerry. It seemed our animosity had only been because of misconstrued concern over Mark. Too bad it ended up taking Mark’s death to get us over that bullshit.

“Liz? You didn’t answer my question.”

”I, um… I don’t know what it is, Kerry,” I finally admitted. “Besides, it’s not like I’d ever do anything about it. I’m with you and she’s not interested…”

She nodded thoughtfully, but I caught that odd flicker of emotion in her eyes. It went by too quickly for me to actually register what it was. And then she yawned and stretched and pulled me close. “We have to get up in a few hours. We should try to get some sleep.” Curling into my side, she pressed a light kiss to my collarbone. “I love you, Liz.”

“I love you, too, Kerry.”


Morning came far too early for my tastes, but such was my lot in life. Long lazy kisses in bed made us later than we should have been, and we had to rush through our showers. We barely made it in on time, but all that frenzy messed with my equilibrium for the rest of the day. Thankfully, I didn’t have anything seriously complicated to deal with, and I was lucky enough to have Abby as my liaison in the ER. I found myself often staring at her, trying to figure out exactly what it was that had attracted me to her.

“Dr. Corday?” I was startled out of my thoughts to see Abby standing there, holding a chart out to me. “You said you wanted me to go with you to check on that appy from yesterday?”

I nodded, trying to shake the thoughts of what lay under that lab coat. “Mr. Anderson’s been doing very well,” I said as we made our way to his room. “And since you did work with him down in the ER, it’s sometimes a nice thing to check up on your patients like this. Well, at least I’d do it. I’m not quite sure how they teach things down in the ER.”

She smiled wryly at me. “I’ve been a nurse long enough to know the rules of the game, Dr. Corday. Or can I call you Elizabeth?”

“Excuse me?” I asked, surprised by her question.

“Can I call you Elizabeth? There’s really no reason for the formality between us, is there? Especially once I pass my medical boards.”

“No, no reason at all,” I replied, and continued on with the impromptu refresher.


“Abby, can I see you for a moment?” As one, we turned to see Kerry coming toward us. We’d been heading toward the elevators and the cafeteria for a cup of coffee when my partner stopped us.

“We were just heading down to the cafeteria for a coffee,” I supplied helpfully. “Would you care to join us, Kerry?”

She smiled warmly at me over the rims of her glasses, a smile that gave me slight chills. That enigmatically warm smile that always preceded her more “adventurous” bedroom activities. I was doomed to do anything but agree with whatever she’d say next. “I’d love to…after I talk to Abby. Why don’t you go get us a table in the cafeteria and we’ll meet you when we’re finished?”

I nodded, smiling when she fingered a stray curl of my hair. We hadn’t broadcast our relationship in the hospital, nor gone to major pains to hide it. “That would be splendid. I can catch up on some of my charts while I wait for you.”

She smiled her thanks before turning toward Abby. They took off for Kerry’s office and I headed out to get my charts and then to get our table.

I’d been sitting there, wholly engrossed in getting my paperwork updated, and completely lost track of time. My coffee lay cold in its mug at my side. I was startled as a fresh cup was set down in front of me. Glancing up, I met the bemused gaze of my lover. I looked for Abby, who was conspicuously absent.

“She’s gone back to work,” Kerry supplied, easing into the chair next to me. She glanced over the stacks of files in front of me. “You’ve been slacking off on your paperwork, haven’t you?” Her arched brow made me smile. “I should reprimand you for that, but you might like it.” She sipped at her tea and made a face. “I can’t wait until the baby’s born so I can have some honest-to-God coffee again.”

I chuckled in sympathy, remembering my own pregnancy with Ella. “At least you’ve been safe from the cravings so far.” She smiled and we sat there in companionable silence for a long moment. “So, did you and Abby have a nice chat?”

“Nice enough,” she replied enigmatically. We lapsed back into that comfortable silence for a few moments.

The buzzing at my waist brought a quick end to our little break together. Gathering up my files, I smiled warmly at her. “Unless something comes up, I’ll see you tonight.” I leaned over to brush my fingers over hers briefly. “Take it easy, okay?”

She snorted softly, muttering, “I’m pregnant, Liz, not a damned china doll.” But her words had no venom to them.


For the next week, I found myself more and more confused and on edge. It was as if Abby was flirting with me: always touching me, almost purring my name, always around. Even in front of Kerry, who seemed oblivious.

It made my skin crawl with nervous anticipation of something that would never happen. A long-buried memory began to replay itself in my mind. I remembered flirting with Doug Ross, oh so many years ago; not caring when he’d protested about a girlfriend, I’d blithely commented, “Bring her along.”

Would Kerry allow that? Did I dare put the strain of something like this on our relationship? Was it fair to Kerry? And what was I doing, courting such thoughts in the first place?

I threw myself into my work, trying to forget those damnable thoughts of illicit fantasy.

A couple of days before Christmas, I had roses delivered to Kerry’s office, so I wasn’t surprised when she called me into her office that afternoon. I couldn’t stop the smile spreading across my face as she fingered the velvety blood red petals.

“Do you have any procedures scheduled for tomorrow?”

Startled by her question, I tried to remember my schedule. “No, nothing that I can think of. Why?”

She smiled enigmatically and plucked out a rose, bringing it up to brush across her lips lightly. “I want to give you one of your gifts tonight,” she finally replied. “And I don’t think you’ll be getting much sleep.”

Eyebrows rising into my hairline, I stared at her for a moment. “I can clear it with Donald, I suppose.”

“Already done,” she replied, tossing a file folder at me.

I chuckled as I read the approval. “Then why ask me, Kerry?”

“So you wouldn’t feel too much like I was going behind your back?”


Once we got home, I took a long, hot shower, allowing Kerry time to set up the present as she needed to. I towel-dried my hair and slipped into my warm robe before sticking my head out the door a bit. “Kerry? Is it safe to come out yet?”

She made her way around the bed to smile at me. “Yes, it’s safe…for now. Come get comfortable on the bed, Liz. And ditch the robe.”

Curiosity and eagerness warring for dominance, I dropped my robe to the floor and settled in the middle of the bed, against the mound of pillows she’d left me. I sprawled back and beckoned her close with a finger, but she shook her head. Coming closer, she sat to my left and grabbed my wrist, kissing it before she attached it to the leather cuff attached to the headboard.

“Oh my,” I purred, pulling her close for a kiss. “Someone’s feeling frisky tonight. Are you sure you’re up to it?”

“Oh, it’s not me you have to worry about,” she replied enigmatically and straddled my lap to truss up my other wrist. “I’ll leave your legs free tonight, but you will need the blindfold.”

I shivered at the tone of her voice. I hated the dominant alpha bitch at the hospital, but I adored it at home. “Gladly,” I murmured, closing my eyes.

She settled the satiny blindfold over my eyes and kissed me again. “Just trust me and let yourself go, all right?” she whispered. “Don’t think about anything, just enjoy yourself. Promise me, Liz.”

“I promise,” I murmured, curious as hell.

I felt her slip off the bed, heard the closet door open and close. Ahh, my robe. And then she sat next to me again, nibbling along my collarbone, brushing feather-soft kisses down to my breast. Her lips wrapped around my nipple and I dropped my head back onto the pillows with a groan. Her fingers traced up the length of my thigh, slipping between my legs to ease into my wetness. I shifted slightly, spreading my legs for her, and moaned when she eased in a second and third finger. Perhaps she was going to attempt the fist again? Thumb tracing my clit, she started to tug and nip at my nipple. Just as my need began to grow, she pulled away and got off the bed.

“Kerry!” I groaned. “Don’t tease like this! At least get me off once!”

Her chuckle sent a shiver down my spine, throbbing within my clit. “Oh, you’ll get off, Liz, trust me.”

She climbed back up onto the bed, between my legs now. I willingly spread my thighs as far as possible, opening for her wicked tongue eagerly. Three fingers plunged back into me and I couldn’t help the stuttering cry. She flicked at my clit with her tongue, trapping it between her teeth to torment with her tongue. I bucked against her, moaning and begging for more. Pinky joined the other three fingers, and she began to flutter them back and forth. That was all it took for the first orgasm of the night to crash over me.

She pressed light kisses to my inner thighs, slowing down the pumping of her fingers within me. I’d no more than gained my breath again, and she started in again, quickly wringing two more orgasms from me. I lay there, limp against the pillows as she daintily but enthusiastically cleaned up the mess she’d created. As I relaxed back against the supporting pillows, I realized she felt…different. Probably the blindfold doing it.

Slipping off the bed again, I felt strong hands on my legs, massaging the trembling muscles. “Feeling all right, Liz?” she murmured, suddenly at my ear, and startled me.

“Y – yes.”

“Ready for more? I brought something home that you’ve been eyeing for a while now. I thought it would be a wonderful little gift.”

A large-ish dildo slid into me at her words, and I nearly bucked myself completely off the bed. “Oh god!”

“Relax, Liz,” she murmured soothingly. “Let it all out.”

I wailed with need as the dildo moved deeply within me, my arousal spiking again so quickly. The small corner of rationality in my brain realized Kerry had been wise to get me tomorrow off. There was no way I’d be walking tomorrow if this was just the beginning.

Another orgasm began to swell within me and I begged incoherently for more. As my release crested over me, I felt two mouths teasing my nipples. That was all it took and I lost consciousness to the overwhelming orgasm.


“Maybe we should try the smelling salts?”

Was that Abby’s voice I heard?

“No, she’s coming around. We can probably take off the blindfold tho’,” Kerry replied. “I think she’s most likely figured us out.”

I groaned softly and struggled against the cuffs slightly. “Kerry?”

“Keep your eyes closed, Liz,” she said softly. “I’m going to take the blindfold off.”

I bit my lip as she removed the blindfold and pressed light kisses to my eyelids. Slowly opening my eyes, I blinked and focused on her face. I repeated her name curiously. Rolling my neck carefully to release the kinks, I caught Abby standing at the foot of the bed, as naked as I was. I couldn’t help myself and let my eyes wander slowly up and down her body.

“Merry Christmas, Liz,” Kerry murmured, undoing the cuffs.

Tearing my eyes away from Abby’s, I stared at Kerry again. “I don’t understand…”

“I’m giving you your fantasy: a night of unbridled passion with Abby, no strings attached.”

I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her deeply. Resting my forehead against hers, I smiled. “I don’t deserve you, Kerry Weaver. I hope you know that.”

She chuckled softly, a faint flush rising to her cheeks. “I know that. And I expect you to wait on me, hand and foot, until the baby’s born.”

“Done,” I purred. “I hope you’ll stay to watch?”

“Labor might be the only thing to drag me away,” she retorted with another kiss, and moved to the overstuffed chair in the corner. Pulling a quilt up over her body, she got comfortable and waved a hand at us. “Don’t mind me. I’ll be watching and plotting my revenge for when I’m not pregnant.”

I turned back to facing Abby and turned shy suddenly. It wasn’t everyday a fantasy was fulfilled like this. I planned to savor it. I stretched out a hand to her, and she quickly climbed up next to me. Pulling her close, I lost myself in a deep, exploratory kiss, hands wandering over her body. I could taste myself on her tongue and groaned softly. My god, she had a talented mouth on her.

Oxygen pulled me back from the kiss to stare at her. “It was you the whole time, wasn’t it?”

She smirked and shrugged her shoulder. “Was it?”

I grabbed her and wrestled her down onto the bed, tickling and kissing my way down her body. She stopped me and tugged me around to straddle her body, a classic 69. Inhibitions thrown to the wind, I leaned down and let my tongue feast like a starving man led to a banquet. I could even ignore my own need as I licked, sucked, nibbled her clit and pussy.

The sudden sharp slap against my ass stopped me dead in my tracks, and my lungs forgot how to breathe. She repeated it, and my head snapped up to stare at Kerry. She was curled up in the chair, watching us with a predatory look in her eyes. She smiled broadly and nodded at me. She had told Abby about my secret fetish. Okay, maybe not so secret after all.

Abby’s hand landed sharply against my ass again and I whimpered. “You like that, don’t you?” she purred in a voice that I nearly didn’t recognize. I whimpered again and arched back into her touch. “I thought so. I bet you’d like that dildo of mine in your ass, too, hmm?”

My eyes closed at the images her words produced, and I nearly came right then and there. She chuckled darkly and slipped out from under me. I was powerless to stop her. My eyes were wide with arousal and a touch of fear as I watched her fit that dildo in the harness and strap it on. Oh, I’d taken larger in the past. I’d just never been fucked while my partner watched me. She climbed back onto the bed, fingering a bottle of lubricant.

“Wait.” Was that my voice? Two sets of eyes watched me curiously. “Kerry, I want you here to enjoy this as well.” I forced myself to my feet and shuffled over to her. “Come join me, dearest?”

She grinned broadly at the invitation and I could see the gratefulness in her eyes. I would certainly see about arranging a similar gift for her after she’d recovered from the delivery. Abby and I arranged her against the pillows, and I straddled her on my knees, hands gripping the headboard behind her for support. Our kisses were gentle at first, her hands caressing my breasts as Abby eased two latex-clad-and-lubed fingers into my ass. I groaned into the kiss, arching back against her. Shifting slightly, Kerry slid the fingers of one hand down to stroke lightly over my swollen labia. This gentle arousing continued for endless minutes until I felt Abby moving behind me.

“Relax, Elizabeth,” she murmured, stroking my hip. I realized it was the first time she’d spoken my name. It notched up my arousal slightly.

“Please, Abby,” I moaned.

She didn’t take long to decide to honor my plea. Slowly, carefully, she pressed the dildo into me, and Kerry picked up her stroking, slipping two fingers into my pussy, thumb lightly stroking around my clit. My kisses turned more desperate until I felt Abby’s hips against mine. She was still a moment, before beginning to slowly ease back. The sensations were incredible. Kerry and I hadn’t been able to play this game; she hadn’t trusted her hip, and then the pregnancy changed a lot of our bedtime activities.

I repeated my plea and Abby picked up the pace, thrusting forward with a decisive snap of her hips. She kept a steady, dizzying rhythm. Kerry picked up a counter-rhythm with her fingers, scooting down to wrap her lips around one of my nipples. This wasn’t going to last very long. I could already feel the heat pooling between my legs. Abby’s sudden squeal from behind me made me snap my head back to stare at her. Her eyes were closed, tongue darting out to glide across her lips. Kerry’s chuckle around my nipple came as I felt her leg brush against my inner thigh. She was upping the ante and helping us both along. That thought brought a broad smile to my lips, which was quickly wiped away when Abby’s hand landed sharply on my ass again.

“Come on, Liz,” Kerry encouraged me, biting down harder on my nipple. She slipped another finger into me, rubbing the thin layer of muscle that separated her fingers and Abby’s rubber erection. Her finger ground harder against my clit, timing each brush with the slaps Abby’d begun to rain on my ass.

I began to shake, arousal spiraling out of control. A wanton, needy keening escaped my lips as I neared my release. Both of these lovers of mine, long term and temporary, wrapped bracing arms around me, holding me up as I suddenly went rigid as my orgasm shot through me like a lightning strike. I wailed their names, spasming nearly out of control, vision gone white with the intensity.

When I came back to my lovers, I could feel Abby moving back away from me slowly. I reached back to grip her arm. “Not yet,” I rasped. “Give me a minute and do it again. Please?”

“We will,” she reassured me, and eased the dildo out. “But rest a moment, get something to drink again, and I’ll definitely do that again.”

I collapsed onto my side next to Kerry and pulled her close for a desperate, grateful kiss. I felt Abby getting off the bed, heard her head toward the bathroom. I assumed she went to clean up the toys. “This is perhaps the most incredibly selfless gift anyone has ever given me,” I murmured against her lips. “You are an incredible woman, Kerry Weaver.”

She shook her head, a gleam in her eyes. “Not selfless at all. She and I kept ourselves busy while you were passed out before. She tastes incredible, doesn’t she?”

I pulled back to stare at her for a moment, gauging her veracity. Finally, I laughed and pulled her close again. “You’re incorrigible, you know that?”

“Merry Christmas, Elizabeth.”

“Merry Christmas, Kerry.”

The End…for now